Lose Weight With A Wheat Free Diet

Lose weight with dietLosing weight with the help of a wheat free diet is the latest trend right now. Though some experts have talked against the trend of adopting a wheat free diet, the truth is that several people (including many celebrities) have lost weight by following this diet plan.

Of course, it is important to understand that wheat free diet is not a magic diet that will make you lose weight within days of following it. The truth is that apart from following it, you will also have to encourage your body to lose the extra weight by exercising regularly, sticking to careful eating habits at parties and paying attention to the liquid calories. Here are some foods you can include in your wheat free diet for losing weight.

4 Effective Wheat Free Diet

Vegetables and Fresh Fruits

If you are trying to lose weight with the help of a wheat free diet, fruits and vegetables can be your best option. They are low in calories, full of essential nutrients and wheat free as well. For staying on the safe side, it is better to eat fresh fruits and vegetables because all of them are wheat free.

Vegetables and Fresh Fruits

Of course, you can also include frozen fruits in your wheat free diet. However, occasionally manufacturers may mix wheat based ingredients in frozen fruit/vegetables and so, you need to check the ingredients carefully before buying them.

Freshly Cut Meats

Like fresh fruits, freshly cut meat is a safe option for people looking for wheat free products. The best thing is that lean meats are rich in protein and help in weight loss as well. If you don’t like meat, including fish in your diet is also a good idea.

Omega-3 Fats

Fish is also high in protein and provides the body with important nutrients that include omega-3 and omega-6. It is true that fresh meat and fish are good options are people looking for wheat free products. However, for being on the safe side, it is better to avoid pre packaged meats since they sometimes contain wheat based ingredients.

Plain Milk/Yogurt

Studies have revealed that dairy based products can help one to lose weight quickly. Furthermore, plain milk and yogurt are completely wheat free. Therefore, you can safely include them in your diet plan. Certain flavored milk and yogurt are also wheat free, but since some may contain wheat, it is better to read the labels carefully.


Avoiding malted milk based products is especially important since malt is created from barley (a cereal grain). You can also try out gluten free soy milk for losing weight.


Egg is an excellent food for losing weight and melting away those layers of unwanted fat. They are delicious to eat and play an important role in enhancing metabolism, thus contributing to quick weight loss.


They are also gluten free and so, you can opt for them safely. For best results, include at least one egg in your everyday diet. Also, if you are trying to lose weight, eat poached eggs instead of fried or scrambled eggs.

Include these foods in your wheat free diet and enjoy fast weight loss.

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