How To Prevent Jaundice

JaundiceJaundice is a very common disease and can affect people of all ages. Jaundice will give yellow look to your skin and will make your eyes look white. Jaundice is caused due to high levels of bilirubin in body tissue and blood. Jaundice is not a disease rather it is the biggest cause of other disease development such as stomach pain, weight loss or fever.
If you are suffering from jaundice then doctors will try to treat the condition that is causing the disease rather than treating the jaundice itself. Other common signs of jaundice include darkening of urine and turning of stool into pale colour. Prevention of jaundice is not that easy as it looks but you can surely take steps to reduce the risk of developing such a disease. Few preventive measures include:-

Preventive Measures For Jaundice


Recently innovations is being made at such a pace that many vaccines are being developed to prevent the occurrence of countless diseases. You can prevent jaundice by properly vaccinating yourself.


In alliance with government many vaccination programmes are being conducted throughout the world and we can easily visit such programme site and get yourself vaccinated. Injection against Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B infection is recommended depending on the place or part of the world you stay.

Alcohol Consumption.

Alcohol is a like a poison which will slowly take you towards death. We know that people who consume alcohol are likely to die before a person who does not consume it. Alcohol consuming people are even prone to diseases. You can prevent jaundice by reducing the levels of alcohol consumption or restricting your consumption to the daily recommended consumption amount.

No To Alcohol

Recommended units are 2 to 3 units per day for women and 3 to 4 units for men. But giving up alcohol is the best way to prevent jaundice. Counselling and medication are two ways by which you can reduce your alcohol intake.

Maintaining Weight

Obesity can be connected with jaundice occurrence. Hence maintaining a healthy weight has become an effective way to prevent jaundice. More intake of fatty foods can increase your blood cholesterol level and will raise the risk of gallstones development. Many weight loss measures include engaging in aerobic activity such as fast walking or cycling, eating small servings or other safe weight reduction measures.


Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish, egg and other nutritious food should be added in daily diet plan to remain healthy. Avoid extra buttery food and fast food to maintain weight. You should exercise five times a week for at least thirty minutes to stay healthy.

Having a Healthy And Balanced Diet

Functioning of liver is related to jaundice so it becomes very important to maintain this essential organ of your body. You can maintain this organ by eating healthy food and consuming the required nutrients which is needed for all human beings on daily basis.

healthy food

Consult experts who can help you out to frame proper dietary charts so that you can prevent any disease be it be jaundice or any other common disease.

Proper Exposure To Sunlight

Jaundice in new borns can be prevented by bringing your new born into indirect contact with sunlight. Sunlight will be absorbed into your new born’s skin and will break down the bilirubin that can cause jaundice.

Avoid Using Illegal Drugs

Many experts recommended to avoid using illegal drugs so that you do not get affected to jaundice disease.

Food To Avoid

Avoid Coffee

You should avoid coffee, tea, hot spices, red chilli and the most important tobacco. You should take all possible steps so that you can avoid food containing the above mentioned elements so that you can remain healthy.

Avoid Stress

Stay away from stress as much as possible. Stress can become the major reason for occurrence of any disease. Stress can have negative impact on both your physical and mental well-being. Stress often affects body’s immunes system.

stretching exercises

Physical exercise can also help you to relieve stress which includes trampoline jumping, rowing, walking or jogging, martial arts, aerobics, dancing, stretching, weight lifting and other similar activities.

Body Cleaning

Body cleaning is a very important part of every prevention programme. Body cleansing is very important in children to keep them away from any disease.


Children play in mud and are more prone to diseases. You can go in for kidney cleanse, liver cleanse, bowel cleaning, dental cleaning and many more. Sweating is also an effective way to cleanse your body.

Proper Breast Feeding

Jaundice is also very common in new born babies these days. Both formula fed babies and breast fed babies are recommended by experts to eat at least 8 to 12 times on daily basis especially if they have a risk of developing jaundice.


Consulting lactation specialists can help new mothers to learn the proper way of breast feeding so that their baby can receive adequate milk which they require.

Avoid Street Food

It is better to avoid street food if you want to prevent any disease.Avoiding street food can keep you away from contaminated water and food that can become the major reason for any disease development. Street food can contain germs that can lead to jaundice.

Having Washing Habits

Washing Hands

Wash your hands properly before eating or drinking anything. Washing hands can keep you to stay away from any disease. Washing can help you to wash of all the germs.

Other Medical Tests

You can prevent any disease by detecting its future occurrence from beforehand. Screening is a powerful method to measure the bilirubin levels in one’s body before it reaches to such levels that you can get affected by jaundice.

Doctor Checkup

Identifying it from in advance can help you to take preventive actions before you get affected completely.

Drink Loads Of Water

Finally drinking loads of potable water is a very important part of all prevention programmes. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day so that you can prevent yourself from any disease and promote blood circulation in your body.

Drink Water

Many feel that jaundice prevention directly depends upon the disorder causing it but taking proper steps can reduce the chance to developing jaundice to some extent. Preventing any disease is better than fighting the disease after it has affected you.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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