How To Prevent Cold Sores

Cold SoresPainful blisters formed by HSV type 1 usually around mouth and lips regions are known as cold sores. HSV affects thin mucus membranes and moist skin areas that require additional protection. HSV may lead to single outbreak of cold sores or there can be recurrent outbreaks all throughout different phases of life.

Cold sores are easily transmitted through direct contact of healthy individuals with those infected with cold sores. Those who have been infected with cold sores in the past can still transmit the disease before the next outbreak, even when cold sores are not formed. One has to be a little careful and preventive in avoiding transmission of virus infection from a family member or close friend.

Best Preventive Ways To Avoid Cold Sores

Maintain Good State Of Health

Staying Hydrated

Outbreaks of cold sores happen when the immune system gets compromised in one or the other way. Hence, it is important to keep yourself healthy by eating nutritional food, staying hydrated, sleeping adequately and following an active exercising regime or routine. A healthy mind and body will be able to put off all viral infections, keeping the cold sores at bay.

Individualized Bathroom Items

People prone to cold sores should keep bathroom belongings as separate and avoid them to be used by others. Include a separate soap, razor, face or hand towels. Also, keep the toiletries separate at safe place so that it is not accidentally used by others.

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Use Moisturizer And Sunscreen

Keeping face well moisturized and shielded from sun, by using sunscreen will reduce the likelihood of cold sores outbreak. External irritants in form of dust, pollutants and sun heat can lead to inflammation and an increased chance for cold sores.

Moisturizing cream

Stay away from kissing friends and family members, who are having cold sores as it is the easiest way of transmission of cold sore virus.

Refrain From Sharing Foods Or Drinks

Those, who are prone to cold sores necessarily, avoid food sharing at all cost. This will ensure that you do not contract it from some infected individual and also, in case you are suffering from it you may not pass it further too. It is not always possible to make out who is suffering from cold sores as transmission may happen before the actual blisters have formed. Therefore, make it a rule to not share foods, drinks, utensils and snack items, even when dining out together in groups.

Avoid Sharing Foods Or Drinks

Saliva is the fastest mode of transmission of cold sore virus, so avoiding food sharing keeps the biggest check over its spread. Though, sharing beer or wine is the part of enjoyment, but refrain from sharing all drinks as these tend to be much better source of cold sore virus transmission. Do not go for double dipped food items like nacho cheese and artichoke dip as these party staples unfortunately subjects to contamination from other’s saliva, becoming the source of infection.

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Avoid Sharing Instruments

Even use of musical instruments like mouth organs should be carefully used after sanitizing it first. Use of whistles for outdoor sports or gym also needs to be kept separate or sanitize before use. In spite of so much care, if one gets the cold sores, do not panic as it can be cured easily. Do not put it as a stigma issue for those contracting cold sores as it can happen to anyone.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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