5 Ways To Prevent Cellulite

Ways To Prevent Cellulite

Love bikinis but face cellulites? Cellulite also known as orange peel syndrome is basically herniation of skin due to underlying fat deposits typically in the lower pelvic and abdomen regions such as buttocks, stomach, thighs and the lower limbs. Almost all women have cellulite on some part of their body. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are skinny or fat. It also happens when our blood flow slows down and collagen separates which allows fats to come up to the surface of our skin giving a disgusting orange peel effect.

These give our skin lumpy and dimpled look which can make our life miserable. There are numerous reasons for their appearance like our poor lifestyle, hormonal changes, age and poor diet. Even some researchers have concluded that cellulite might be hereditary. Both males and females can have these on their body but it is common among females especially among pubescent females. Few ways by which you can prevent these fatty deposits are:-

Various  Ways To Prevent Cellulite

Having A Clean And Unprocessed Diet

The main reason for development of cellulite is poor physical health and accumulation of excess fat. Hence if you want to prevent these cellulites then make sure that you have a healthy diet and eat low fat food and fibres. The maximum part of your diet plan must include fresh fruits and vegetables. These are also known as alkaline forming foods and can help you to draw out the acidic toxic matters from the cells.


Processed and fatty food products like cheese, sausages, cake, biscuits and other similar products must also be avoided. These products can cause toxin overload in our body because they contain additives, sweeteners and salts. Oily fish like salmon and mackerel can also be consumed because these can help us metabolise our body fats. Consumption of fibre rich food is also very important because these can help us to both expel and digest our food efficiently. Smoking and alcohol are biggest enemies and should be avoided in particular.

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Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Water is the most economical solution to all problems. Make sure that you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated always. Fresh fruits and vegetables can even help you to remain hydrated. Water can help you to flush out the toxins from your body and further can help you to prevent lumpiness. Dehydration can give your skin dull, lumpy, aged and shrivelled look and will slowly lead to formation of cellulites.

Keeping Yourself Hydrated

If you don’t like drinking plain water you can even squeeze half a lemon into it to give it some taste. Coffee and tea also leads to dehydration so make sure you avoid them. If still it is necessary for you then you must increase your water intake to cut down the dehydrating effects. You can drink herbal tea in place of these dehydrating products. Another good option is to drink juice of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is very important that we drink about 1.8 to 2 litres of water daily.

Using Cellulite Prevention Products

Many creams and lotions to prevent cellulites are widely available in the market at rates within our means. When purchasing cellulite prevention creams make sure that it has Centella asiatica as its ingredient. This ingredient will make your skin more elastic. Another effective way is to use Ginkgo Biloba which is also a very powerful antioxidant to oxidise the fat cells and to increase blood circulation and in turn will prevent cellulite. Two other ingredients that must be present in cellulite prevention creams are retinol and caffeine. Caffeine products are known to shrink fat cells but these might show temporary results.

Using Cellulite Prevention Products

Retinol stimulates collagen production which can make our skin thicker and more elastic. Thicker skin is also advantageous because cellulites are less noticeable on them. These creams must be used regularly after taking some expert’s advice. Be cautious that you don’t use fake products because these might have negative effects. You can even consult experts before using them.

Along with this you can even wear bio ceramic coated neoprene shorts. You can wear these shorts just an hour a day to see best results. These known are known to have clay like substance that can help you to retain the body heat. These can also help you to open up the pores of your skin and in turn will increase the absorbent of active ingredients of anti-cellulite creams.

Losing Excess Weight

The most important thing that you must remember when you think of cellulite prevention is reduction of excess weight. This can be done by exercising regularly. Make sure that you lose weight from your lower body to tone up things and banish the orange peel look. Regular jogging and exercising is the best way to reduce excess fats from bottoms, thighs and hips. Squat and lunge are two well-known exercises which you can do daily.

Losing Excess Weight

You can even join kick boxing classes because it has number of advantages such a reduction of excess weight, improving skin elasticity, etc. People suffering from obesity problem will see the results in just 4 to 6 weeks. Even slight reduction in weight can improve their skins appearance. We can even go for strength training to improve the tone of muscle tissues making our legs and butts look evener. High intensity training lessons can show us results just by doing it three to four times a week.

Avoiding Skin Thinning Creams

Skin thinning creams are known to make cellulite more prominent. These creams contain chemicals that make these more noticeable. Thinning of skin will not help you reduce, remove or prevent lumpiness rather they will make your skin look dull and aged. Instead try moisturising your skin with natural oils and creams such as olive oil, coconut oil or other organic moisturisers.

Avoiding Skin Thinning Creams

These tips will surely help you to get rid of your orange peeled skin. Make these tips an important part of your regular life and see the results. If still it does not help try consulting some experts before your figure gets distorted.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.