How To Get Rid Of Head Lice

Head LiceHead lice are parasites which exist in the human hair. They feed on the blood which they draw from the scalp by biting. Head lice are easy to get and if not treated, they multiply very rapidly. Usually kids who play together catch lice from each other but basically lice can be caught by unclean hair. If you bathe in rain water and don’t wash your hair properly after that, there are chances you are allowing lice to grow in your head.

They can cause a lot of irritation and itchiness in your head and it is better to deal with them at once. Persistent scratching of the head because of the lice can also lead to infection and inflammation in the head. It is also an embarrassment to deal with head lice when you meet people and this is visible. You don’t need medical prescriptions to deal with lice because treating them with home remedies is the easiest way.

Some Ways In Which You Can Treat Lice


You can comb your child’s hair every morning and evening and manually attempt to remove all the lice. Oil your child’s hair properly using normal coconut oil or olive oil. It could be very effective in killing the lice.


Carry on this method for at least two weeks until the lice go away. After the lice are gone, you can keep track of your child’s hair hygiene and encourage them to wash their hair properly.

Heating Oil Remedy

This complex treatment has neem oil and sesame seed oil as the base. These two oils are highly anti fungal and anti bacterial in nature. You can include 1 teaspoon tea tree oil, half teaspoon eucalyptus oil and rosemary oil along with one fourth cup of sesame seed oil and one eight cup of neem oil.

Neem Oil

You can first rise you hair with apple cider vinegar. After this dries up, you can apply the above mixture on the hair and scalp and cover your head with a shower cap. After leaving it for atleast 6 hours, you can use a comb to pick out the dead lice and nits. Wash your hair with normal shampoo after this. Following this for five days will help in removing lice.

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Anti Lice Shampoo

There are special anti-lice shampoos available in the market and you could try one of them. Follow the instructions on the shampoo to understand how to remove the lice. However, remember not to use such shampoos too often.

If used regularly, the chemicals in the shampoos may damage your kid’s hair and cause more harm than good. Therefore you must stop using this as soon as the lice disappear. Thereafter, you can maintain hygienic hair to avoid re-occurrence of the lice.

Almond Oil

Almond oil slows down the lice so that they are easy to catch. Make small portions and clip them up. Most people prefer applying oil on the comb rather than the scalp directly because it is less messy.

Almond Oil

You could adopt which ever technique works best for you. After application of the oil, you can either leave it overnight or leave it for about an hour or so. After this, you can look for lice to get them out manually.

Hot Water Bath

Hot water is an important part of lice treatment. Always use hot water while washing your kid’s hair. Using hot water after applying oil is more effective.

The hot water soothes the scalp and the anti lice shampoo will help get rid of the lice. This way, the cause and the symptom of itching can be taken care of at a single time.

Once the lice begin to multiply, it will be more difficult and more time consuming to get rid of them so as soon as you find out that your kid has lice, it is better to nip it at the bud itself. Do not try out harsh chemicals or lotions that kill lice because that would harm the quality of hair as well. Stick to natural methods as much as possible because they give quick relief.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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