5 Ways To Cure Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches

There are many kinds of health problems an individual goes through in their daily lives, but tackling and overcoming such a situation is extremely important as it can affect a person mentally and physically. Having pain in the head is very common and affects people of all age. Headaches are of various types, firstly the headaches caused through stress or pressure, second one being the headaches caused because of migraine and last is the headache caused for a long span of time and affects towards one part of the head. The headaches caused by migraine leads to a chronic attack and also a continuous beating of a single side of the head violently. These headaches are very painful in nature and should be controlled as fast as possible.

Migraine Headaches

These type of headaches are commonly misunderstood with sinusitis or headaches caused due to tensions and a lot of trouble us faced by the affected person during a sleep. It affects a person may be two times in a year or many a times during the year and the degree of severity depends from one person to other. The proximity of migraine is thrice more in women than men and it affects people of all age. There are many varieties of migraine and few of them are common migraine, classic migraine, menstrual migraine, abdominal migraine etc. The migraine headache affects a person not only with a headache but also makes a person feel dizzy, uncomfortable and it affects a person due to excessive of smoking and taking in alcohol, stress, hormonal imbalance etc. There are various remedies to this problem and one should adopt to overcome such a problem in their daily life. They are:-

Various Ways To Cure Migraine Headaches

Effect Of Caffeine

One of the most cheapest treatments of treating migraines is an intake of drinks which are enriched with caffeine. The intake of caffeine helps in the narrowing of the capillaries and the vessels due to which the grief felt by the person is minimized and excessive of it might give a spark to a headache. When caffeine products are taken in a limited quantity it helps in treating the headache, reducing the tireness and helps in the regulation and functioning of muscles with each other.

Effect Of Caffeine

Caffeine is mainly present in coffee, chocolates, pain killers etc. and people’s sensibility to get affected with caffeine differentiates from one individual to other. The compound called caffeine helps stopping the receivers of adenosine, a compound which brings about changes physiologically and the calcium can be stopped amidst their tubes so that the enduring capability increases. Caffeine as a whole is very helpful since it stops vital and essential nutrients to come out of their place.


Exercises in daily life is very important and helpful since it makes a person remain fit and active through out the day. For the treatment of migraines it is recommended to perform exercises to make the body feel relax and comfortable. Few exercises which should be done on daily basis are firstly, gentle cardiovascular exercise where brisk walking, riding a bicycle or swimming is included. These exercises trigger the stimulation of the secretion of certain compounds like endorphins which minimize the pain.


Secondly, meditation and yogasanas should be adopted since it gets relief mentally and increases the power of concentration. The environment should be dark and quiet, where there is concentration towards the breathing and it can be successful through websites, audios and videos etc. Thirdly, the neck stretches help in relieving the pain and when done properly it can bring an effect towards the entire neck. Lastly, certain poses of yoga should be adopted to overcome the migraine pain. The poses of yoga provide relaxation from head to toe and if the asanas enhance pain, then it should be avoided.

Hot And Steamy Shower

Human body is highly sensitive and it reacts extremely fast to the hot and cold things. A therapy which involves applying hot things is known as thermotherapy and it helps in smoothening the pain. For the headaches caused through migraine, humid heat can be used since the warmth seeps through the issues in a faster rate and heat helps in opening up the stiffened muscles.

Hot And Steamy Shower

The ends of the nerve emit triggers to the cerebrum and these react to the heat. The warmth of the heat also helps in reducing and minimizing swellings and raises the flow of the blood. The warmness even helps in stimulating the flow of blood since the body changes towards heat. The increment in the blood flow helps in the accretion of oxygen and essential nutrients. While a shower the water penetrates through the layers of the skin and gives an instant relief.

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Acupuncture and acupressure therapy helps in relieving the effect of many diseases and problems. Migraine attacks can take place randomly and acupuncture is one of the best remedies. It is a therapy which involves insertion of tiny needles towards the prominent areas to enhance the health since it increases the energy through out the body.

Acupuncture Treatment Methods

It helps in creating a synchronization and equilibrium of the nerves and the body. To remove the pain and problems, the needles are inserted towards the arms, toes etc and has no effects which can harm the body. The therapy helps in stimulation of neurotransmitters and helps in functioning of the brain properly, helps in decreasing the stress and pressure towards the brain, etc.


Massage or a gentle rub throughout the body helps in eliminating pain and stimulating the flow of blood. The massage helps in relieving the stress and pressure for the body. The massage towards specific points creates an exertion towards the nerves of the brain which helps in sending signals towards the full body for relaxation.


Few therapies like craniosacral massage helps in reliving the stress of the nerves, the neuromuscular massage helps in relieving the pain in muscles and the massage of deep tissues helps in reducing stiffness.

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