4 Top Home Remedies To Cure Heart Attack

4 Top Home Remedies To Cure Heart Attack

The heart attack is a chronic disease. The situation when the arteries stop supplying the oxygen rich blood to the heart, due to the growth of plaque substance is called as “heart attack”. The formation of plaque in the arteries will result in atherosclerosis disease and blood clotting. The heart attack also causes heart failure or lifelong atherosclerosis.

Home remedies To Cure Heart Attack

Consume Broccoli

Apart from dairy products, various vegetables contain good amount of calcium. The broccoli is rich in calcium, which is a significant in safeguarding the heart from chronic diseases. The broccoli plays a vital role in preventing heart attacks.


Consume Spinach

Spinach contains a high level of folic acid and vitamin B, which helps in preventing the chronic heart diseases. Eating raw spinach as a salad is effective in promoting sufficient level of folic acid and eliminating heart attacks.


Consume Garlic

Garlic is a powerhouse of antioxidants, which facilitates in reducing the plaque buildup and chest pain and also promotes healthier heart. The garlic is also an anticoagulant, which aids in thinning the blood and avoids the occurrence of blood clots. Eating daily garlic is very beneficial against blood clot, atherosclerosis and heart diseases.


Consume Beetroot

The Beetroot contains a rich amount of antioxidant compound, namely ‘Betacyanin’ which makes the immune system stronger and more effective that facilitate the body to protect cells, tissues and arteries from free radical damages and also reduces the chronic diseases like high blood sugar levels, hypertension and heart attack. Beetroot can be consumed in the cooked form as well as in juice form.


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