Home Remedies For Beriberi

BeriberiBeriberi is a disorder, which occurs due to malnutrition. It is caused due to the deficiency of B1 vitamin in the food we eat. Vitamin B1 is needed to convert carbohydrates to glucose. When this does not happen, there is a deficit of this vitamin, which leads to lethargy and weakness. It is easy for the deficiency to pass on to the child when the mother suffers from this disorder. The growth of the infant could be disturbed in this condition and sometimes it could become fatal.

In the early stages, the individual feels weak and the legs become numb. The other symptoms the individual might experience are nausea, irritability, anorexia and abdominal pain. This condition needs immediate attention. Otherwise, it could develop into dry and wet form of this disorder. Fluids in the body will be accumulated in the cells of the limb in the wet condition. This could lead to swollen limbs, pain in the affected area along with tenderness. When this condition becomes severe, chances of gastrointestinal issues and cardio vascular problems are high. In order to prevent beriberi some home remedies have been very beneficial, some of which are discussed below.

Top Home Remedies For Beriberi


Pineapples are tropical fruits and they have effective medicinal values. They contain magnesium, copper, manganese fiber vitamin C and potassium in abundance. It is effective in the treatment of beriberi because of the presence of huge amounts of Vitamin B6 and thiamine.


Eating the pineapple pulp two times, every day after food gives great results for people suffering from beriberi. Doing this will balance and retain the level of thiamine in a month’s time.


Potato is a root vegetable, which is enriched with Vitamin B1. This is the primary vitamin required to treat beriberi. Consuming potatoes will help in getting rid of beriberi soon.


It is important to consume even the outer skin of potatoes. Do not peel the skin, bake the potatoes with the outer skin and eat it regularly to ward off beriberi.


Oysters are great to maintain the muscle and bone health. Maintenance of the nervous system can be enhanced by consuming oysters, which lead to better performance of various organs present in the body. Oysters are quite beneficial in treating this condition because they have low fat content and lesser calories, but great amounts of proteins and thiamine.

The presence of essential minerals and vitamins in oyster helps in maintaining a healthy body. Therefore, consuming oysters will give the body the required amount of thiamine.


The extremely yum and tasty peanuts are known to be very healthy nuts. They are great sources of protein and thiamine. The high fat content in this nut has the specialty of reducing the chances of cardio vascular issues and keeps the body fit.


You can soak about 10-15 peanuts in the night and happily chew them in the morning or you can also crush them and grind them into a powder form and consume it in the morning every day. You will notice that beriberi gradually disappears as you continue the consumption of peanuts.

6 Easy Natural Cures for Beriberi
Herbal Remedies For Beri Beri

Brown Rice

Thiamine is found in brown rice or husked rice and is widely known as the best source. Including this in your diet everyday is a great way to treat beriberi.

Brown Rice

Everyone must be aware of the fact that polished and dehusked rice are not healthy as all the essential nutrients are removed in the process of polishing. It is best to avoid polished rice and replace it with brown rice to remain healthy. 

Rice Bran

Rice bran is known to be an effective remedy for beriberi. People have been using rice bran oil for a long time and have been enjoying the benefits.

Rice Bran

All you need to do is to boil rice with some extra water and once it is done, strain the remaining water and drink it. This water extracted from rice is extremely effective in the treatment of beriberi as it is very rich in thiamine.

More Home Remedies To Treat Beriberi

Some other home remedies work magic on individuals suffering from this condition. Crush 150 gm of soybean and add it to some water. Boil this for about twenty minutes. Use this water to apply on the affected area, which gives relief from swelling.

The other option is to boil fig leaves and water and apply that two times a day on the affected area to reduce pain and inflammation. Similarly pear skin, ginger juice, beer, black pepper and salt and aloe vera gel can also be used topically to help you get relief from the symptoms of beriberi.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.