Five Effective Home Remedies For Yellow Fever

Yellow FeverAnyone can suffer from yellow fever, but in majority of cases, elders are more at risk. However, no need to worry; today a wide variety of treatment options are available to choose from. Natural treatment is considered to be the best option.

Home remedies provide safe and effective ways to cure yellow fever. They have no side effects at all. No doubt, thousands of natural remedies are available to cure this disease. Well, we have approached with the five best home remedies for yellow fever. You can opt for any one as per your choice.

Home Remedies For Yellow Fever 

Coconut Water

Coconut water is an effective home remedy for yellow fever. It is essential to keep the body well hydrated and also maintain an apt level of water that gets lost due to vomiting.

Coconut water

Drink fresh coconut water thrice a day for getting the best results. It contains several valuable nutrients which are essential to attain the body’s energy as well as to combat the infection. Coconut water keeps the body well nourished. It is easily available and is highly beneficial for overall health.

Cinchona Bark

Cinchona bark is another home remedy for yellow fever. For this remedy, you need to boil sixty grams of cinchona bark in half liter of water for seven to eight minutes. Leave for half an hour when it comes to normal temperature then drink 30ml of water twice a day for at least twelve days.

It will boost your immune system and provide relief from the yellow fever symptoms. Anyone can opt for this home remedy to get rid of yellow fever. It is a safe and effective home remedy.


Garlic is one of the best home remedies for yellow fever. It is also considered to be the most important way to boost the immune system. Swallow five or six cloves of garlic once a day to get rid of the yellow fever.


Garlic has superb antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties which defend the body against bacterial infections. Garlic paste is also effective for yellow fever and you can add it in your daily diet. This paste also alleviates vomiting and nausea.

Vernonia Amygdalina

Generally, vernonia amygdalina is known as bitter leaf. It is proven to be an effective herbal therapy for treating yellow fever. It is highly enriched with antioxidant, antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which enhance immunity.

Bitter leaf juice

Take six to seven bitter leaves and extract juice from them. Take one glass of water or orange juice and add one tablespoon of bitter leaves juice. Drink this mixture twice a day for getting effective results. Bitter leaves’ juice is not only effective for yellow fever, but also beneficial for other skin problems.

Salt And Water

Take one glass of pure or distilled water and mix a pinch of salt and half tablespoon of lemon juice into it. Drink this mixture frequently after every two hours. Lemon and salt promptly replenish the symptoms of yellow fever and also assist to flush out all the toxins from the body.

You can also add some herbs like feverwort, catnip, etc. in this mixture for getting the best results. Mixture of salt and water is one of the simplest home remedies and is easily accessible to everyone.

You can use any of the above-mentioned home remedies for yellow fever. These remedies are safe and easy to follow as well as do not cause any side effect. Therefore, these home remedies will certainly be advantageous for you to get rid of yellow fever to a huge extent.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.