5 Easy Home Remedies For Amenorrhea


Amenorrhea is a condition in women when she does not get her period at all or the menstrual cycle suddenly stops for a period of time. The most common cause of Amenorrhea is pregnancy. However, malnutrition, unhealthy habits and deficiency of iron etc can also lead to the syndromes of the condition.

Although it is always advisable to consult a medical practitioner for the same, some home remedies can be used to combat it. Here are certain home remedies that can be used for Amenorrhea:

5 Amenorrhea Home Remedies

Saffron & Milk

Saffron is one of the most expensive herbs in the world due to its unique health properties, taste, smell and colour. A few strands of saffron can be added to a bowl of milk and boiled. The milk will change its colour to yellow/orange.

Saffron & Milk

This can be drunk daily for several days. Often anxiety and stress can cause sudden cease in periods. Saffron is a natural healer and can help to get sound sleep and a reduction in anxiety levels. Thus it can prove to be quite useful in healing Amenorrhea.

Chickpeas & Jaggery

This is a therapy often practised by weightlifters and wrestlers. Soak a tablespoon of the chickpeas overnight. In the morning when the sprouts have come out drain them out of water. Take a teaspoon of jaggery and mix with the chickpeas and eat them. This is good for blood circulation and will help in the condition of menstrual cycle.


Spinach, Parsley & Flaxseed Salad

These 3 ingredients are said to be rich in iron which can be helpful to improve the conditions of Amenorrhea. You can take this salad every day for your lunch. Take some spinach and par boil it in salt water. Drain out the excess water and put in a salad bowl.


Take 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds and dry roast them. When they are cool enough add in the same salad bowl. Take some parsley leaves and toss in the same mix. Now add some lemon juice, cherry tomatoes and honey to the salad and toss with a tong. A healthy and tasty salad is ready.


The deficiency of zinc can be a cause of loss in menstrual period. Try to take foods that are rich in zinc like fish, beef, pork, nuts and whole grains. Ensure to include zinc in your diet with a level of 40 mg if you are above 18 years. If for certain reasons you cannot eat foods that contain zinc try to take multivitamin tablets or zinc supplements like Caltrate 600.


Tomato Juice, Fennel & Cinnamon

These 3 ingredients are rich antioxidants and are said to improve overall health in women including their regular periodic cycles. Dry roast 1 teaspoon of fennel and 1 inch cinnamon and grind them into a powder. Take a glass of tomato juice and add this powder into it stirring with a spoon so that they mix well. This will taste good as well as help to improve the menstrual cycle.

Tomato Juice

No matter what natural procedure you try at home, it is best advised to seek medical or expert advice if the condition does not improve. Maintaining a disciplined and healthy life with the inclusion of exercise, balanced diet and ample of rest and relaxation can always improve the conditions of Amenorrhea.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.