Best Herbal Remedies For Sciatica

SciaticaSciatica is a pain affecting the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in the body and branches from lower back down to the back of each leg. The pain also felt in the buttock or foot is relatively common form of low back pain. Sciatica ranges from mild to severe pain and is caused due to slip disc, injury, infection in the spine, spondylolisthesis, pregnancy, overweight or radiculopathy.

Common symptoms of sciatica include tingling down the leg, pain in the rear, numbness, difficulty in moving the leg, hip pain, shooting pain or buttock pain. Individuals who have experienced trauma, obesity, age, injury or arthritis have higher risk of developing sciatica.

People who sit for prolonged periods and have a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to develop sciatica than those people who are active in life. Sciatica diagnoses with a physical exam and medical history. There are excellent herbs, which will help to treat your sciatica.

Herbal Remedies For Sciatica

Devils Claw

Devils claw is a shrub native to Southern Africa that has red flowers. The roots of plant have been useful in treating various health conditions including sciatica. It helps to treat lower back pain, radiating pain and numbness associated with sciatica.

Devils Claw

This herb contains anti-inflammatory, diuretic and anti-rheumatic properties helping to heal the lower back pain. Devils claw herb is available in form of capsule, tablets and tinctures. If you wish, you can consume in form of teas by simply adding devils claw root in boiling water allowing it to steep for few minutes. Drink this tea three times a day.

St John’s Wort

St John’s wort is a shrubby herbal plant having yellow flowers and helping to treat your back pain as well sciatica. This herb has a sweet and bitter taste containing anti-inflammatory and sedative properties helping to calm your nerves and thereby treating sciatica.

Not only this, but it also helps to treat many other symptoms of sciatica such as numbness and tingling. St John’s wort herb is available in all health stores in form of teas as well tinctures.


Arnica also known as mountain tobacco belongs to member of aster family and is an excellent herb helping to treat sciatica as well arthritis.


This herb contains analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-phlogistic effects that help to reduce inflammation associated with sciatica. Arnica can be applicable externally to treat sprains, arthritis and lower back pain.

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Burdock Root

Burdock is another best herbal remedy in curing sciatica. The roots of this herb helps to reduce inflammation and many other symptoms associated with sciatica. Burdock infusion works great helping to heal nervous system disorders and soothing joint pain.


Turmeric helps to reduce swelling and lower back pain associated with sciatica. It has anti-inflammatory properties relieving muscle spasms caused by sciatica. This spice is available in powdered form as well capsule and tablets.

Turmeric Powder

Standard dosage of turmeric is to be consumed 300 milligrams three times a day for quick results. Above remedies are just not enough. You can even help to treat sciatica with the help of ice or heat compress, stretches or some strengthening exercises.

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