Benefits And Side Effects Of Biotin

BoitinVitamin B7, Vitamin H or biotin as it is more commonly called is a water soluble vitamin, belonging to the vitamin B complex group. This vitamin offers many benefits when administered or taken in the optimal doses but can cause a few side-effects if ingested in certain conditions. Most individuals consume the required amount of biotin (between 30mcg to 100 mcg) in their daily diet consisting of bananas, nuts, eggs, salmon, liver and oatmeal.

Those who require supplements can consume biotin orally as a dietary supplement. Biotin is included in multivitamin pills that you can consume after consulting a doctor. What follows is a roundup of the benefits from biotin and side effects of biotin so those in need of this vitamin supplement can make an informed decision after consulting a doctor.

Benefits Of Biotin

Fights Fat And Strengthens Hair And Nails

Biotin is vital to the human body to promote fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Biotin is an excellent agent to aid weight loss and fat burning activities as it helps the body to convert fat into usable energy and alleviates muscle pain and prevents exhaustion. The energy that is released when carbohydrates and fats are burned is utilized by the nervous system.

Weight Loss

Biotin acts as a catalyst for the energy release process and improves nerve health, muscle coordination and tones the muscles. In addition to its prowess in keeping flab at bay and promoting good health, biotin also strengthens hair and nails by thickening nail cuticles to prevent damage. Biotin is recommended as one of the solutions to cure hair loss and brittle nails.

Aids Production Of Nucleic Acids

Another benefit of this wonder vitamin biotin is that it is essential in the formation of the body’s building blocks-RNA and DNA nucleic acids. The biotin benefits extend to the body’s bone marrow, sweat glands and nerve tissues and ensures that they work smoothly and efficiently.

Diabetes Control

This vitamin is especially helpful for those suffering from diabetes as it control their blood sugar levels and keeps it from rising.

Diabetes control

According to reliable studies, people suffering from Type-II Diabetes are found to have low levels of biotin suggesting that this vitamin keeps the deadly disease in check by improving glucose levels in the blood.

Skin Disorder Treatment

Another benefit from biotin is that it helps in treating certain types of skin disorders like discoloration, white patches and cracking skin afflictions. It helps to cure cradle cap in babies and Seborrhoeic dermatitis in adults.

Side Effects Of Biotin

Although the vitamin biotin is an excellent supplement one can consume for better health, those taking these supplements must be aware of biotin adverse effects and make an informed choice or seek medical counselling so that they are aware of the side effect of biotin on their body. Listed below are some of the side-effects that the vitamin has on some individuals.



One of the most apparent side effects of biotin is that the body reacts to a high level of biotin in the system by breaking out into cystic acne on the jawline and chin. The acne is a temporary condition and fades away a few weeks after stopping biotin supplements.

Allergic Reactions

Another side effect of biotin is the allergic reaction it induces. Few individuals are allergic to the vitamin. Studies reveal that individuals with known allergies to vitamin B12 or Cobalamin tend to also be allergic to biotin.

Allergic to biotin

Symptoms of this allergy are itching, nausea, rashes, chest pain and constriction and swelling of the throat and face.

Miscarriage And Reactions To Other Medicines

Among the severe biotin adverse effects when taken in large doses by pregnant women is the high possibility of a miscarriage. Pregnant women must avail medical clearance before they can consume biotin.

Consult to doctor

Biotin is known to react negatively with anti-seizure medications and cholesterol controlling agents leading to a violent swing in the blood glucose levels in your body. If you are already taking medication for cholesterol control, diabetes control medicines or anticonvulsants, consult your doctor before you take biotin supplements.

This roundup of the benefits and side-effects of vitamin biotin will help you make a wise and informed choice about whether to take biotin supplements for better health. If unsure, seek medical guidance immediately.

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