9 Home Remedies For Red Eye

Home Remedies For Red Eye

Red eye is a condition where the surface of the eye (or the conjunctiva which is the outer covering of white portion of the eye) appears red, as it is inflamed and swollen. The reason for this inflammation is any factor which causes irritation of the eye. This can happen either due to dryness of eye, dust accumulation, allergies, infection, or any kind of injury to the eye. In response to this, the eyes may become swollen up; there can be sensation of itching, fluid discharge, mild to severe pain, even damage to normal vision in some of the cases. The different type of conditions that cause red eye are blepharitis (swelling in and around the eyelids), conjunctivitis (swelling and infection and leads to discharge of white matter from eyes), uveitis (autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation), corneal damage (excessive using and improper handling of contact lenses), acute glaucoma (increase in eye pressure) etc.

Red Eye

In addition to these causes, a haemorrhage or a bursting of eye capillary also causes red eyes. The most basic initial cure is to rest your eyes, avoid straining them for couple of eyes; avoid contact lenses and keep them clean. If these measures don’t work you must consult an ophthalmologist. Along with the medications prescribed there are certain home remedies that are beneficial for red eye condition and are a definitely worth trying; let us have a look at these.

Here Are 9 Home Remedies For Red Eye:

Warm Compress Technique

A warm compressing technique is nothing but massaging a warm pad on to the eyelids. Simply a piece of cloth can be made warm and applied on the eyelids. This can be done for 15 minutes for about 2-3 times a day. Warm compressing reduces inflammation and provides eye from pain and other symptoms.

Warm compress

Cold Compress Technique

Cold compressing involves massaging the eyelids with ice or a cold substance. Again it reduces swelling and other symptoms of red eye. You will immediately notice a reduction in the redness and pain. Vision will also improve considerably.

Cold compress

Cool Rose Water

Rose water is very good for eyes and can be used for every day eye care. In red eyes, applying rose water reduces infection and dryness. Also the symptoms are lessened on use. You can simply cool the rose water, soak cotton balls in it and put these cotton pieces on the eyelids; leave for 15 min. A mixture of rose water and milk is also beneficial for swollen red eyes.

Cool Rose water

Fennel Seeds

One of the wonder remedies for red eye is using fennels seeds. What you can do is simply boil the fennel seeds in water, allow seeds to remain in water for about half an hour; strain it. The clear solution (free of any solid particles) can be used to rinse the eyes. Also, you can freeze this solution and massage it on the eyelids. In both ways, it will give you great benefits for eye redness.

Fennel Seeds

Green Tea

Green tea has anti bacterial and coolant properties that alleviate the inflamation and irritation. Green tea is also known to cure the condition of red eye. You can make a clear solution of green tea in water by boiling and then cooling it. This cold solution should be then used for massaging on to the eyelids for best results. Along with green tea you can similarly use neem leaves and basil leaves (following the same procedure).

green tea (4)

Ice Cold Milk

Milk has wonderful properties, it is antibacterial reduces welling reduces irritation helps in healing hemorrhages etc. You can either use plain cold milk for massaging or use a mixture of honey and cold milk as a smooth mixture for application. Make sure the mixture is cold when it is applied to ensure best outcomes.

Lukewarm Milk

Frozen Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is a very effective natural coolant and antibacterial. You can use the juice for applying on the affected part. Alternatively you can freeze the cucumber juice in ice trays and massage on the affected areas.

Frozen cucumber juice

Aloe Vera Gel

AloeVera gel acts on number of infections and reduces them. It is also a cooling agent and provides relief against many symptoms of red eye. Aloe Vera gel from a freshly cut piece of aloe Vera plant can be applied on the eyelids and below the eye for 2-3 times a day. The results are very beneficial.

Aloe Vera Gel


Including green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in diet are known to make you strong internally. They boost your immunity and keep you strong against developing infections. Even if you are caught with an infection; they will help your body in recovering quickly. Adding fruit juices and vegetable juices to your regular diet is a very good practice for curing red eye.

Healthy Diet

These measures will definitely provide benefits however, as we know eyes are very delicate organs of the body and proper care must be taken. Ensure you keep your eyes clean, protected and healthy.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.