9 Exercises To Reduce Double Chin

Exercises To Reduce Double Chin

Have a nice smile, beautiful eyes and sexy curved lips but still you are hesitant to take selfies because it focuses more on your double chin rather than beautiful features. Yes, it happens with many people that double chin becomes a big issue in destroying overall beauty. If, double chin has put you in real trouble then it is time that you must seek a remedy for it and what can be a remedy better than exercise in this case. Today, you have a solution that can help you drag out of this major issue in no time. No, it is not surgery it is the exercises that other than reducing your double chin will make you believe that nothing is impossible.

Before finding out the cure, you must wait and try to focus on the root of the problem. As the numbers increases, our skin loses elasticity and collagen that sags around the neck and the chin. In his condition if you happen to be a smoker, alcoholic or expose yourself too much to the sun, then the problem can intensify. Therefore, the exercises mentioned down below can help you pull the overlying skin tighter and make it look much younger and healthier.

Here Are The 9 Exercises To Lose Double Chin:

Side Neck Stretch

Sit on the floor and rest one hand’s fingers down on the floor. From top of your head, wrap your one hand around your head to touch your palm on your opposite ear. Try to keep the head in alignment with your neck. Using your palm, gently press down your head towards your shoulder. Unhold the floor and place your fingertips on your same side’s arm. Release your hands after staying in the position for about 10 seconds. Now repeat the same on your opposite side.

Side neck stretch

Tongue Press

Sitting keeping your back straight, tilt your head back as if you are looking at the ceiling. Press your tongue against your upper jaw. Keeping the tongue same, lower your head to your chest as far as you can. Keep the back straight in this step also. You must feel your chin and the front of your neck contracting. Repeat 5-6 times more to have normal chin.

Tongue press

Chin Rotation

Elongate your spine to keep your back straight. Focusing on your chin, rotate your head from one should to chin and back to shoulder again. Stick to semi-circle rotation if full circle bothers you. Make sure that your shoulder are hanged down and back is straight throughout this exercise.

Chin rotation

Jaw Release

Elongate your spine to keep your back tall and straight. Keeping lips together, move your jaws like you are chewing something. Inhale deeply and then exhale through your nose. When you are finished with exhaling, open your mouth wide and press your lower jaw with the tip of your tongue. Inhale and exhale in this position. Make sure you perform one set of this exercise for about 90 minutes.

Jaw release

Pout And Tilt

Whether sitting or in standing position, keep your back straight and make a pout intense enough to feel your chin getting wrinkled. Hold the pout for one minute then keeping the lips the same, press your chin against your chest. Try to reach as far as you can. Feel the muscles of your chin and chest getting contracted. After keeping it for 2 minute, relax and repeat 4-5 times again.

Pout and tilt


Underneath your jaw, place thumb and fingers of one hand on each side of your jaw. Holding your jaw still, push it forward with your neck and chin. Be in the same position for some 30 minutes and then release your hand off your jaw and bring the neck back to the starting position.


The O

Keep your back straight and shoulders down, tilt your head in the backward direction as if to look something on the ceiling. Close your lips in a relaxed position but keep them together. With closed lips, open your mouth to replicate an “O”. Hold on this position for 20 seconds to feel the contraction on both sides underneath your jaw. Relax your mouth when you feel the contraction.

The O

Head lifts

Lie on your bed with your neck on the edge of the bed. Let the head relax on its side with no support. Contract the muscles at the front of your neck, lift your head up and try to reach your chest as far as you can. Keep the shoulder and back flat on the bed. Hold on for 10 seconds and relax. Start again and repeat 2-3 times more.

Head lifts

Kiss The Ceiling

Instead of sitting, perform this exercise in standing mode. Keeping your back straight, tilt your head backward to look at the ceiling. Pucker your lips as if you want to kiss the ceiling. Extend your lips as far as you can. After remaining in the same position for some 30 seconds, you will feel the muscles getting tightened throughout your neck. It is time when you must relax for a few second and perform again.

Kiss the ceiling

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.