7 Plank Exercises To Stay Fit

Plank Exercises To Stay Fit

Plank exercises are one of the most effective and beneficial kinds of exercises that help in strengthening all your muscles from top to the bottom of your spine. These muscles play a vital role to help you bend, rotate, stand, and rise easily. Also, performing plant exercises helps you in strengthening your legs, arms, glutes, and shoulders. So, add certain beneficial plank exercises to your weekly workout regimen can help strengthen your muscles and core as well as build healthy muscles.

Find Below Seven Incredible Plank Exercises To Get In Shape Easily:

Basic Plank

Simply lie down on the floor on your stomach. Lift your upper body using both the palms such that they should come under your shoulders. Now, lift your lower body by raising your legs making a plank position.

Basic plank

Elbow Plank

Elbow plank is a quite simple exercise that you can perform easily in a few steps. Lie down on the floor on your stomach and lift your upper body with the support of your palms and elbows.

Elbow plank

Planks With Toe Taps

Be in a table top position by balancing your entire body on your two hands and toes and stretching your legs behind. Your head to toe should make a straight line. Now, swing your left leg to left side and tap you toes on the floor gently. Both the legs should be about 45 degrees apart. Then bring your left leg back to the table top position. Follow the same technique for the right leg and repeat these exercises for about half a minute briskly.

Planks with toe taps

Jack Planks

Maintain a high plank body position with body making a straight line from head to toe, hand on the floor, and wrists below your shoulders. Now, jump with your toes sideways similar to jumping jack. Maintain your knees flexible to minimize stress. Jump and bring your feet together to the normal position. Perform this plank exercise for half a minute briskly.

Jack planks

Clock Planks

Keep your body in a plank position stable without sagging your hips. Now, raise your left arm and stretch it over your head 12 am position for a second in, stretch it to your left in 9 pm position for a second, and then stretch it towards your feet in 6 pm position. Bring the left arm to the initial position. Repeat these movements using your right arm. Perform this plank exercise gently by alternating your arms.

clock plank

Side Planks

You need to lie on your left, place your right hand or palm on the floor firmly and lift your body up into plank position maintaining straight line from your head to toe. Keep feet on each other stacked. Stretch your left hand from the shoulder straight up into the air. Bring the arm down slowly in front of you and then below your right hip. Then bring the left arm back up your body and perform this plank exercise for about half a minute. Repeat it on the left side.

Side planks

Spiderman Planks

Be in the standard plank pose body forming a straight line between your head and toe. Raise your left leg two inch off the floor and bring your left knee near your left elbow by maintaining your hips stable. Return the leg back to floor. Repeat the movements for about half a minute carefully. Perform this exercise on the right side.

Spiderman planks

Now that you know these seven easy yet effective plank exercises, make sure that you include them in your workout session and stay fit and fine.

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