7 Best Dry Shampoos You Should Try Today

7 Best Dry Shampoos You Should Try Today

Imagine you have just came from an office and you have to head to a party. All you want is to look good among everyone. But What about those greasy hair? You are running out of a time and you can not even think of going to a party with such hair. In such situation dry shampoo comes in our mind. Dry shampoo is relatively new concept which is a lifesaver when it comes to treating greasy hair without actually shampooing your hair. It comes in a dry powder or a spray form which you need to spray on your hair and scalp to let it work. It is specially formulated to absorb excess oil greasiness and product build up in no time. It also helps to add volume to the hair. Today we will be discussing about some best brands which offers dry shampoo. Lets have a look.

1. Suave Dry Shampoo Spray

Suave Dry Shampoo Spray comes in a spray form. It claims to contain mineral clay and silk powder which refreshes the hair. It also controls the greasiness. It also helps to add volume and bounce to the hair which are easy to style. It is recommended to use Suave Professional Dry conditioner to add extra shine and softness to your hair.

2. L’Oreal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo

L’Oreal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo comes in a powder form which claims to create airy volume and fresh texture to style your hair effectively . It also helps to refresh your scalp and hair. This dry shampoo contains alcohol. This is suitable for all types of hair and works effectively on greasiness of your hair while leaving refreshing fragrance.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo In Blush

Batiste Dry Shampoo is claims to refresh your hair instantly. It is an perfect option to use in between your shampoo washes. It helps to clean the hair and adds body as well as texture to your hair. It also claims to absorb the excess oil and greasiness from your hair within 2 minutes. It can be used by all types of hair.

4. Garnier Fructis Volume Boost Instant Boost Dry Shampoo

One of the well known brands when comes to hair care products. Garnier Fructis Volume Boost Instant Boost Dry Shampoo claims to immediately refresh your hair upon application and give volume . This dry shampoo contains orange citrus and grapes extracts which leaves refreshing fragrance behind.

5. Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

A very well known brand which believes in making products with natural ingredients and that too hand made. Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo Instantly refreshes your hair and get rid of oil and greasiness to style your hair . It claims to contain grape fruit and lime extracts which gives your lingering fragrance post application. It is totally vegan product.

6. Tony & Guy Refresh It Dry Shampoo

Tony & Guy Refresh It Dry Shampoo claims to Refresh your hair , mattifies the greasiness and boosts volume. It helps to add incredible volume and super matte finish to style your hair. It comes in a spray form. It makes your hair feeling lighter and totally refreshed. It is suitable for all types of hair.

7. Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo

Suave Professional Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo claims to contain Natural Keratin protein with Keralock technology which helps to absorb oils and cleanse hair to give refreshed, smooth and manageable hair between your regular hair washes. It claims to hair frizz free which are easy to style and extend your blowout.

Try these dry shampoos and do share your experiences with us.

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