7 Amazing Home Remedies For Black Eyes

Home Remedies For Black Eyes

Black eyes not only prove to be painful, but will also look dirty on the face. Eyes are the first center of attraction and so doe’s black eyes. There are many reasons for the formation of black eyes. It can lead to severe pain, headaches, swelling and blurry vision. The dark black circle around the eye does not look good and also proves to be very painful. Even though there are lots of methods to treat black eyes, it is better to go for home remedies that are worth to be used.

Some Of The Amazing Home Remedies For Black Eyes:

Use Of Pineapple To Treat Black Eyes

Pineapple is supposed to contain antioxidant, which can help to reduce down the effect of black eyes. It will help to fasten the healing process and any problem related to discoloration of skin. The enzymes present in pineapple will help to soften the skin and thus heal it. The pulp of pineapple must be applied on the affected area.


Applying Ice Pack On The Affected Area

The first method to be used for black eyes is to use ice pack on the affected area soon after the dark spots are spotted. Ice cubes will help in reduce the swelling part and will also avoid internal bleeding. Take some ice cubes in a clean cotton cloth and hold it over the black eyes for around 15 minutes. The same process must be repeated many times to get desired results.

Ice Pack

Intake Of Vitamin C Loaded Fruits

Fruits that contain Vitamin C are able to produce collagen and thus heal bleeding during black eyes condition. Fruits such Indian gooseberries, oranges, broccoli and many more must be taken on daily basis to increase the level of Vitamin C in the diet.

Vitamin C

Use Of Witch Hazel To Treat Black Eyes

Black eyes can also be treated with Witch Hazel that helps in soothing the exact area. This particular treatment is used to reduce down the effect of swelling. Take some drops of Witch Hazel and add some water to it. Apply it on the affected area to reduce the swelling and internal bleeding.

Witch Hazel

Marigold Flower As A Best Solution To Treat Black Eyes

Marigold also known as Calendula can help to reduce the inflammation and thus fastens the process of healing. Take some fresh petals of marigold and put it into some hot water. Allow it to boil and cool it in a refrigerator. Take a clean cotton cloth and soak it with this liquid. Keep the cloth on the affected area for few minutes to see good results.

Marigold Flower

Using Papaya To Treat Black Eyes

Black eyes can also be treated with papaya pulp as it contains antioxidants. Papaya is very rich in antioxidant and will thus help to reduce down swelling from black eyes. It will also help in fastening the healing process. Apply papaya pulp on the affected area or drink the juice of it for best results.


Oil Massage To Treat Black Eyes

Massaging the area affected by black eyes will surely provide positive results in short span of time. Proper massaging will promotes blood circulation in the entire area. It will also help to fasten the healing process. Various oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and tea tree oil can be used to massage the black eyes affected area.

Oil Massage

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.