6 Simple Home Remedies For Ear Infection

Ear infection is a common problem among adults and children. The most common cause for ear infection is atmospheric pollution and moisture. People are exposed to dust and fuel emissions from increasing vehicular traffic and it causes wax formation in the ears.

6 Simple Home Remedies For Ear Infection

Another cause for ear infection is water. Very few people wipe their ears from inside after taking a bath or after swimming. Moisture in the ears provides bacteria to develop at a fast rate and cause infection.

Ear infection may be caused by a boil in the ear or if you have hurt the ear by improper way of cleaning like using a hair pin or a tooth pick. You can also experience pain in the ear due to cold weather or if some insect has travelled in the ear.

Ear infection is of two types, internal and external. Internal ear infection known as Otitis Media is difficult to deal with as it is not visible from outside. The external ear infection that is known as Otitis Externa is fairly easy to manage as it can be seen.

Ear infection is not a serious problem but if it is not dealt with in the initial stages, the infection can spread to the throat and it may cause throat infection, swelling and inflammation in the whole area. Thankfully, you can treat ear infection among kids and adults with simple home remedies and can avoid heavy medication or surgery.

Home Remedies For Ear Infection

Garlic For Ear Infection

Ear infection can be most effectively treated with garlic. Take a garlic clove and crush it. Wrap it in a tissue paper and insert in the affected ear. It will reduce the pain and cure infection. Repeat the process for 3-4 days.

Boil one clove of garlic in ½ cup mustard oil. Strain the oil and use it as an ear drop. Put a cotton swab in the ear to prevent the oil from flowing out.


Mustard Oil For Ear Infection

Mustard oil has tremendous healing properties. Put a few drops of warm mustard oil if there is an insect in the ear. The insect will come out itself.
Boil a clove in mustard oil and put a few drops in the ear to cure ringing sounds in the ear.

mustard oil

Ginger For Ear Infection

To relieve pain in the ear and to cure boil infection in the ear, grate a piece of ginger and squeeze out the juice. Warm the juice and put 3-4 drops of it in the ear. Repeat it 3 times a day.


Onion For Ear Infection

Put a few drops of warm onion juice in the ear if you are suffering from pain and ringing sounds in the ear. It also helps to dry the accumulated mucus in the ear.


Basil (Tulsi) For Infection

Crush basil leaves and take out the juice. Use the juice to cure pain in the ear. Tulsi juice helps to cure ear infection as tulsi is a natural antiseptic.


Dry Ginger powder (Saunth) For Ear Infection

To cure the whistling sounds in ear, take two parts of crushed jaggery, one part pure ghee and one part saunth. Mix them together and eat it in small doses for a month to cure the problem.

dried ginger

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