6 Best Natural Cures To Sinus Headache

A large number of people all over the world suffer from headaches, nasal congestion and facial pressure which are a result of sinus infections. Headache is one of the most common symptoms of sinus and the best way to combat a sinus headache is to treat the underlying inflammation of the sinus.

sinus headache


Sinus headaches can be treated with the help of many natural remedies that are safe and effective as well. In this article, we have put together a list of a few of those natural remedies that are meant to cure sinus headache in a safe and natural way. Let us take a look!

Natural Cures For Sinus Headache

Steam Therapy

The steam therapy is a very old and common remedy to get rid of a sinus headache. For this, you should boil a pan of water and place it on a flat surface. Now position your head at a distance slightly above the pan and cover your head with a thick towel so as to prevent the steam from escaping. Now inhale the steam for at least 20 minutes. The steam will help clear the congestion, thus, providing relief from headache. A steam bath is also a very good option.


Aroma Therapy

Inhaling certain herbs or any aromatherapy products is very beneficial in curing sinus headaches. You can opt for inhaling the aroma of herbs such as peppermint, eucalyptus, mint, lemongrass, rosemary, etc. These are meant to provide relief from all symptoms of sinus including migraine.


Moist Sinus Compress

Relief from sinus and sinus headache can be achieved by placing a steamy and warm wrap like a towel over your face. This compress makes you feel light and comfortable. The moist steamy towel will give some humidification for the nose, thus, reducing the pressure of the sinus.

The sinus pressure and pain is known to strike at the forehead and also around the eyes, so because of this reason, if you are placing any kind of moist sinus wrap then make sure that you place it on your forehead on over your eyes for the most effective results.

Moist Sinus Compress


Ginger is one of the best remedies for a wide variety of ailments including sinus headache. It is rich in antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. You can apply ginger paste on your forehead and leave it for about 20 minutes before you wash it off. This helps in alleviating the pain. You can have ginger tea also.


Spicy Foods

Don’t go all burning by looking at this option. Eating spicy foods such as a spicy curry or soup or hot pepper acts as a decongestant. This is mainly because there is a chemical called capsaicin present in spicy foods. It is this chemical that functions as a dilator of the blood vessel and also helps in clearing the sinus and combating all its symptoms including headache.

spicy food


You can mix a tsp of cinnamon with a tsp of water to make a paste out of it. Now apply this paste on your forehead and leave it for 20 minutes. This is also very effecting in treating sinus headache.