6 Amazing Ways To Use Fuller’s Earth For Great Skin

Ways To Use Fuller’s Earth For Great Skin

Everybody strives for the younger and radiant looking skin. But, unfortunately, unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors ruin the texture of the skin. This issue can be easily managed with the help of fuller’s earth. Fuller’s earth is one of the amazing and most popular ingredients. This ingredient gained a lot of popularity due to its skin-friendly and skin protecting compounds. This ingredient is fully capable of making your dull, boring and unattractive skin into the beautiful and nourished skin. Skin cleansing properties in fuller’s earth are very useful in removing the impurities that are present on your skin. Fuller’s earth face packs are highly known to be beneficial in not only making your skin radiant but also improving its texture. Thus, fuller’s earth has the ability to make your skin younger as well. Keep reading this article for getting to know the amazing ways to use fuller’s earth for enjoying the great skin.

1. Fuller’s Earth And Rosewater:

Add one small cup of fuller’s earth to two tablespoons of rose water. Blend the ingredients and apply the smooth paste on your skin. Let the pretty-smelling and homemade face pack rest on your skin for fifteen minutes. Then, wash your skin with some water for noticing the oil-free and smooth skin. For enjoying the best results, employ this remedy for three times in a week.

Fuller’s Earth And Rosewater

2. Fuller’s Earth, Milk And Almonds:

Firstly, soak two or three almonds in the water for some time. After that, mash them so as to get the smooth paste. Add one tablespoonful of milk and small cup of fuller’s earth to the almond paste. Mix these ingredients thoroughly and spread the paste evenly on your neck and face. Do not disturb the pack for fifteen minutes. Then, wash it off with fresh and cool water. Try this amazing face pack for two times in a week for making your skin supple and smooth.

3. Fuller’s Earth And Tomato Juice:

Tomato juice is highly helpful in exfoliating your skin. When this powerful ingredient is combined with fuller’s earth, it works wonder in making your spot-free. For achieving this, mix equal amounts of tomato juice and fuller’s earth. Blend them well and apply little amounts of turmeric powder and sandalwood powder. Mix all these ingredients thoroughly in order to get the smooth paste. Then, apply the paste on your skin with your fingertips. Wait for ten minutes. Then, wash it off with tepid water. Use this pack on weekly basis for achieving glowing skin.

4. Fuller’s Earth And Honey:

This excellent face pack revitalizes your lifeless and dull looking skin. Take three tablespoons of fuller’s earth and add it to one teaspoon each of honey, lemon juice and tomato juice. Also, add half teaspoon of raw milk to these ingredients. Combine them well and slather on your neck and face areas. Allow the pack stay undisturbed for ten minutes. Then, rinse your skin with some water. Employ this method for once in a week for noticing the radiant skin.

5. Fuller’s earth And Sandalwood Powder:

Take equal amounts of fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder. Mix them well and add some raw milk. Blend these ingredients together. And apply on your neck and face. Wait for twenty minutes. Then, wash your skin with lukewarm water. Follow this procedure for two times in a week.

6. Fuller’s Earth And Papaya Pulp:

Papaya makes your skin firm. When this amazing ingredient is mixed with fuller’s earth and honey, the results would be outstanding. Add one tablespoon each of fuller’s earth, papaya pulp and honey in a small container. Blend these ingredients together and spread the pack evenly on your washed face and neck. Let the pack dry for some time. Once dried, remove the pack with the help of lukewarm water. Do this method two or three times in a week for obtaining flawless skin.

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