5 Effective Yoga Asanas For Equestrians

Yoga Asanas For Equestrians

Yoga is the art of wellbeing. It connects our mind with our soul. Yoga helps in increasing the strength of your core and muscles. Yoga poses makes you feel better. The various benefits of yoga include- increases the mental focus, improves the symmetry of the body and makes your body flexible. Equestrians are the persons who are involved in riding of horses. The bodies of the equestrians have to flexible and strong in order to ride and control the horses. They need a lot of mental focus which they gain by performing various yoga poses.

Here Are Some Of The Best And Effective Yoga Asanas For Equestrians:

Eagle Pose

Garudasana helps in improving the balance and also helps in promoting back strength and flexibility. It is recommended for the horse riders to perform the asana on a daily basis. Just stand upright in mountain pose and try to balance your left leg with your knees bend slightly. Lift the right leg and cross over the left leg. Staying in this position try to lift your arms to shoulder height and keep it parallel to the ground. Cross the left and right arm and join the palm.

Eagle Pose

Tree Pose

Begin the yoga asana by standing upright by keeping your feet together. Try to lift the right leg by bending the knees and then lift the right foot towards the thighs. Now lift your both arms above your head and join your palms and stay in the position for 10 secs. Repeat for the other side as well. Tree pose helps in improving the body balance.

Tree Stand Pose

Camel Pose

Camel pose helps in opening up your back. The yoga asana helps in boosting the back strength and spinal flexibility and also improves mental focus by calming your mind. Just get down on the knees and stay straight by keeping your hands by your side. Start bending backward till you feel the back stretch. Grab your heels with the hands and stay in that position for 10 secs and then repeat again for 5 times.

Camel Pose

Cat-Cow Pose

Bidalasana helps in improving the back strength and also helps in enhancing your posture. Get down on your knees and hands and flatten your back. Start taking deep breath and arch backwards. Lower down the back and repeat the lowering and rising for 5 times and then relax.

Cat-Cow Pose

Humble Warrior Pose

Humble warrior pose is an effective yoga asana for the horse riders. It is not very difficult to perform. Just release the arms and try to bring them behind your back. Then by interlacing your fingers try to reach down the back so as to open up the chest region and then bend the upper part of your body inside the right knee. The arms must be lifted upwards above the head.

Warrior Pose

The above mentioned yoga poses are very effective if you practice them on the regular basis. Along with these yoga poses, you need to include the healthy diet pattern in your routine for the best result.

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