5 Amazing Home Remedies For Nephritis

NephritisNephritis is a kidney disorder in which the spaces between the kidney tubules become inflated or swollen, and this in turn causes interference in proper kidney functionality. Nephritis can be either acute or chronic (long lasting). Nephritis is caused by infection and auto immune disorders.

One of the major causes is auto immune disorder, which affects the major organs of the body. In rare cases, nephritis is hereditary and caused as a side effect of certain drugs like aspirin, ampicillin, penicillin etc. Symptoms of nephritis are kidney disorders, increased or decreased urine production, blood in urine, nausea, drowsiness, vomiting and weight gain due to retention of water.

Home Remedies For Nephritis

Tender Coconut Water

Tender coconut is a brilliant remedy for curing nephritis. Coconut water is an effective diuretic and increases the production and flow of urine. It also helps in digestion, clearing urinary passages, aids in rapid absorption of medicines, helps in healing urinary infections and also eliminates poisonous elements out of body.

coconut water

Tender coconut is beneficial in nephritis because it contains minerals, potassium and magnesium contents. Because of these contents, coconut water is the preferred option for kidney malfunctions.

Carrot, Cucumber And Celery juice

The treatment of acute nephritis is putting patient on juice fasting for few days or a week. For the purpose of curing nephritis, usually juices of vegetables are given. These vegetables are cucumber, carrot and celery.

Carrot juice

Carrot juice is especially useful if taken with a teaspoon of honey and lime as this reduces the symptoms of nephritis to a great extent. Along with these juices, the patient should be given warm water to keep the bowels clean during this period of juice fasting.

Eat Proper Food

A low protein diet with more intakes of fruits and raw cooked foods plays a major role in treating nephritis. Asparagus, parsley, celery are the excellent vegetables for nephritis.

You must have plenty of soups and fluids. Fruits to be consumed are bananas and papaya as they have medicinal effect on kidneys. In a day, you must eat 7-8 bananas, as bananas have low protein and salt content and high level of carbohydrates. Fruit juices are also recommended as they help in the overall wellness of the body.

Increase Intake Of Water

Increase the amount of water intake as this proves to be very beneficial in kidney related disorders. You must have good quality water. Avoid fluids containing chlorine and and fluoridated products.

Drink Water

Have atleast 10-12 glasses of water in a day. Intake of water should be regular after every 30 or 60 minutes, before and between breakfast, lunch or dinner. Watermelon is also considered to be good source of water.

Reduce Intake Of Salt

When the kidney is affected, there is excess build up of salt in the body. As a result of this excess build up of salts and fluids, there are other complications like swollen ankles, rise in blood pressure, fluid accumulation around lungs and heart etc.

Reduce Intake Of Salt

Therefore, patients suffering from nephritis should not have salt in their food. The food can be cooked with herbs and spices. You can use other substitutes for salt to season your food such as fresh garlic powder or garlic, vinegar, black pepper, lemon juice etc.

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