15 Home Remedies To Get Soft Hands

Home Remedies To Get Soft Hands

Soft hands is something that all women cherish. Even men want hands that are strong but not really too dry or with brittle skin. However, by using harsh soaps and cleansers, you often tend to forget that hands are the most delicate place to get affected. Undernourished or very dry hands become hard and can lead to skin problems like psoriasis too.

So Here Are 15 Home Remedies To Get Softer Hands:

1. Olive Oil

This is an easily available oil that is found in most homes. The oil is rich in different minerals along with vitamins that nourish the skin from deep within. For this remedy you should massage the hands with warm olive oil before going to bed. Do not wash off.

Olive Oil

2. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another oil that is high on vitamin A and also helps to get rid of dry hand problems. Massage the hands twice a day with coconut oil, which is not very greasy and also helps moisturise the skin naturally.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

3. Cream

Homemade cream is a simple and natural solution for nourishing hands and making them softer. In fact, the results are almost instant. Take a spoon of homemade cream, if it is not available, opt for a store bought cream for cooking. Massage well into both hands and let it stay for 20 minutes. Then wash it off.


4. Glycerin and Rose Water

This is a pack that works to provide some great fragrance to your hands, while helping them get softer. Glycerin in particular helps to soothe any kind of cracks or dryness that may exist within the skin layers. Apply the mixture and don’t wash.

Glycerin and Rose Water

5. Honey

Honey is a messy ingredient when it comes to home application but it sure is very effective. Apart from the high nourishment value that it provides, honey also contains antibacterial and anti fungal agents that work together to combat bacteria and fungal hand infections.


6. Avocado

A quick fix from the kitchen is avocado, which is high in natural fats and is perfect as a hand mask. Apply ripe avocado all over the hands and massage well. Let it stay for half an hour before rinsing it off.


7. Gram Flour

This nourishing pack is perfect for using as a hand cleaner too instead of hand soaps. Mix gram flour with some lime and curd. Then massage well and finally rinse to get a homemade cleaner that softens the hands too.

Gram Flour

8. Yogurt Water Or Buttermilk

You usually throw away all the water that come out of the yogurt you set. But that water is really high on moisture content. All that you need to do is soak your hands in the water for about five minutes. Add some rose water to avoid the smell. Then rinse using warm water.


9. Hot Water Soak

Soak your hands in warm water for about 10-15 minutes everyday. Add some essential oils to the water like lavender or even tea tree. The combination works to soften the hands, without having to try too hard. It also cleans the hand very well.

Hot Water Soak

10. Mashed Potatoes

Take 2 boiled and mashed potatoes and add some glycerine to it along with some oil. Then apply this mixture on your hands and let it stay for about an hour. The starchy potato nourishes the hands very well and softens it immensely.

Potato (4)

11. Almond Oil

This one is an expensive ingredient but you literally need a few drops only. Massaging hands with almond oil not only softens it but also prevents wrinkles on the hands, which become common with dryness.

Almond oil

12. Clarified Butter

Clarified butter, whether made at home or bought from the store nourishes the skin. It is rich in minerals and vitamins that provide cell rejuvenation. It may stink a bit though. Massage hands well with it and wash after 30 minutes.

Clarified Butter

13. Raw Milk

Apply raw milk generously all over the hands. Raw milk has natural ingredients that provides moisture without much of a smell. Alternatively you can add some rose petals to it and soak your hands in the same.

Lukewarm Milk

14. Sugar Scrub

Make a scrub using brown sugar, olive oil and lemon. Massage and scrub the hands well to peel off the dry layers. The sugar helps to moisten the skin while getting rid of the dead layers for smoother and softer hands.

Sugar Scrub

15. Fruit Mask

Find whatever ripe or wasted fruits you have in the kitchen like bananas, papaya and berries. Then mix all of them together and massage both the hands well. This mask should be kept for at least 20 minutes. The antioxidants help to smoothen the skin and keep it younger, and vitamins nourish it from within.

Fruit Mask

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.