15 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

15 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

Termed as the lifeline of human body, water is one of the most important elements that make our survival possible on this planet. Being the most vital nutrients of our body, water has its involvement in almost all the functions in our system. It consists of 70 to 75 percent of the total weight of our body. Water plays important roles in metabolizing the body fat, maintaining body temperature, helping in digestion, flushing out toxins, transporting nutrients and serving as cushion for sensitive body organs.

Here Are 15 Incredible Health Benefits Of Water:

Helps In Weight Loss

By increasing water intake, you can shed your fat level noticeably. Studies conducted on some participants show that those who drank water before having meal lost weight faster than those who did not take water.

Weight Loss

Relieves Constipation

Enough water-intake relieves constipation and flushes out toxins and other waste materials by cutting down the burden of liver and kidneys.


Prevents Certain Forms Of Cancer

High fluid intake cuts down the risk of bladder cancer. The result may be more substantial if the fluid that is consumed is water.

Prevents cancer

Enhances Mood

Staying hydrated can help you feel refreshed and enhance your mood. Positive vibes will keep coming to you when you are hydrated properly.

Mood Swing

Prevents Headache

Lack of water in body for too long can be a cause of headache. Low water intake has also been associated with migraine. Staying hydrated thoroughly is an excellent way to avert headache.

Removes Migraines and Headaches

Regulates Kidney

Kidneys balance fluids in our body and control blood pressure. So drinking adequate quantity of water is the best way to keep the kidneys functioning smoothly.

Kidney disease

Natural Energizer

Tiredness is an important sign of dehydration. When you make your body hydrated, the feeling of tiredness and sleepiness would go away.

Higher Energy Levels

Improves Concentration

Dehydration can make your memory, concentration and motor skill less effective. With regular consumption of water, you can help yourself stay refreshed and focused.

Improves Concentration

Lubricates Our Bone Joints And Cartilage

Water plays important role in keeping our bone joints and cartilages supple so that they may remain lubricated. Besides it, water provides safeguard to our spinal cord and helps us remain healthy.

joint pain

Activates Brain Tissues

Dehydration allows our brain tissue to shrink. In absence of adequate water supply, our brain gets over-burdened with work and its performance is affected. So, with proper consumption of water we can improve the performance of our brain.

Sharpens Your Brain

Improves Heart Health

Research study substantially confirms strong connection between death due to heart disease and consumption of water. According to scientific findings, steady intake of water lowers the risk of death due to coronary heart ailment.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Relieves Congestion

Steam inhalation is a surefire home remedy for nasal congestion or stuffy nose triggered by either cold and flu or sinusitis. The vapor that you inhale breaks the hard mucus in the nasal passage and gives you instant relief from congestion.

Flu and congestion

Makes Skin Radiant And Firm

Staying hydrated with water from inside can make your skin more radiant and firm. With consuming at least eight glasses of water a day, you can experience the difference yourself.

Lightens Skin

Controls Calorie

Substituting water for calorie-rich beverages can certainly help you control your daily calorie intake and prevent fat deposits in your body.

Healthy Weight

Purifies Colon

Drinking water in empty stomach in the morning enhances stomach’s efficiency to absorb nutrients by purifying the colon.

Good for Stomach

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