15 Amazing Uses Of Indian Lilac

Amazing Uses Of Indian Lilac

Indian Lilac is one of the easiest ingredients that can be used for various kinds of health, home and beauty uses. You will be amazed at what the little pinch of need powder can do. Basically Indian Lilac is available in different herbal medicine shops and can be made at home too. All that you need to do is take some fresh Indian Lilac leaves, along with the bark and dry it out. Take at least 1kg because after the drying and powdering process, you will not have much left.

Let the leaves dry out in the sun and then powder them. Keep the leaves in an airtight container to preserve its value. Indian Lilac has various healing properties.

Here Are Some Of Them

1. Purifies Blood

Indian Lilac has natural ingredients that aid in blood purification. Being bitter in taste, the bitterness of the Indian Lilac leaves adds to the purification and cleansing of the blood. It also enhances circulation of blood, which in turn boosts different kinds of bodily functions. This purification of blood helps to clear out many internal infections and diseases like tuberculosis. Consume about one teaspoon of Indian Lilac on an empty stomach for at least 2 weeks to see the visible difference.

Purifies Blood

2. Gets Rid of Pimples

Indian Lilac is a great ingredient to be used in different kinds of face packs. Basically it has healing properties that lightens the skin. Indian Lilac is also a natural antiseptic that reduces recurrence of skin related infections and prevents pimples from getting worse. Consume on empty stomach

Gets Rid of Pimples

3. Delays Skin Ageing

Indian Lilac contains various kinds of immune-stimulating compounds that have regenerative functions. As a result, the skin combats pathogens that exist on the lower surfaces. Mix with egg white and apply on face till dry.

Delays Skin Ageing

4. Fights Infections

Internal and external use of Indian Lilac are known for fighting different kinds of infections. Indian Lilac is a natural antiseptic that also has anti-inflammatory properties. Have one spoon daily with honey.

Fights Infections

5. Treats Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a regenerative skin disease that leads to severe itching and scaling. It also becomes very dry. Applying Indian Lilac on the area along with some almond or olive oil is known to treat and heal the problems associated with psoriasis. The anti-bacterial functions also helps in reducing associated symptoms.

Treats Psoriasis

5. Gets Rid of Dandruff and Scalp Infection

Indian Lilac is rich in different kinds of medicinal properties. For those who are suffering from a regular problem of dandruff and scalp infection, need powder is an easy to implement solution. You can add Indian Lilac to your bathing water and use this to rinse the scalp. You can also apply the powder to your oil and apply on hair for curbing the issue.

Gets Rid of Dandruff and Scalp Infection

6. Treats Asthma

According to researches, it has been seen that Indian Lilac reduces signs and breathing issues related with asthma. Basically Indian Lilac is rich in fighting allergies and infections, when consumed on a regular basis, it improves the ability of the body to fight of infections and pollens that trigger off asthma attacks. It also treats coughing and cold associated with asthma.

Treats Asthma

7. Cures Ulcers

The bark of the Indian Lilac plant or tree has been used in the powder too. When you consume this Indian Lilac, it boosts digestive functions. Regular consumption of this powder over a period of about 2 months helps in healing and preventing ulcers too.

Cures Ulcers

8. Treats Malaria

Indian Lilac is a natural antibacterial agent that helps in fighting off internal infections. Malaria is cause because of insect bites and the bloodstream gets affected too. Since Indian Lilac is known to purify the blood, it helps in flushing out the harmful elements from the body and aids in faster healing.

Treats Malaria

9. Controls Diabetes

Indian Lilac helps to control diabetes by balancing sugar levels. Indian Lilac has chemicals that reduce sugar levels in the body. It also works as a natural insulin once it is ingested and thus aids in controlling diabetes.

Controls Diabetes

10. Mosquito Repellent And Cure

You will be amazed at what a little bit of Indian Lilac can do. If you are going to a mosquito prone zone, just dust a bit of talc mixed with Indian Lilac on the body and you will see no mosquitoes hover near you. Indian Lilac can be applied on mosquito bites for instant relief too.

Mosquito Repellent And Cure

11. Good For Teeth

Ideally most people use Indian Lilac twigs or the bark of the plant for cleaning their teeth, but the Indian Lilac does an equally good job. Basically the anti-fungal and antibacterial powder fights cavities, cleanses the teeth and also gets rid of mouth infections.

Good For Teeth

12. Lightens Skin

On the whole, you can simply mix Indian Lilac with some rose water and apply all over the face. You can add sandalwood to it. Indian Lilaca lso helps in getting rid of acne marks by lightening.

Lightens Skin

13. Fights Allergies

Basically these analgesic elements of Indian Lilac helps in getting rid of different allergies and infections. You can again consume Indian Lilac with some honey (to cut the bitterness) or apply it on infected areas.

Fights Allergies

14. Moisturises Skin

Your skin remains supple because of Indian Lilac and its natural moisturising properties. With regular application of Indian Lilac packs on the face, signs of ageing are combated.

Moisturises Skin

15. Deodorant

Indian Lilac is also a gret deodorant. Mix the powder or the leaves in your bathing water and rinse yourself with it. Do not apply soap post the same.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.