11 Natural Cures To Prostatitis

Natural Cures To Prostatitis

Prostatitis is the inflammation of prostate glands that sits at the base of bladder surrounded by urethra. This gland helps in emptying the bladder using penis that is located in front of the rectum. Individuals suffering from prostatitis may have pain while urination, frequent urination at night, pain at the reproductive organ, fever and chills that may get severe if not properly treated.

The major reasons for this infection are bacteria, stress, immune disorder, trauma and other environmental activities. This disease occurs in four types namely – acute bacterial prostratitis, chronic bacterial activities, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and asymptomatic inflammatory prostratitis. There are various natural medications available for curing the inflammation of the gland successfully.

Tips To Cure Prostatitis Naturally

1. Pumpkin

Pumpkin seeds are the best natural cure for prostatitis that is widely used at homes. It has to be consumed along with milk or honey that works in improving the potency of men thereby overcoming inflammation.


2. Goldenseal

A powerful antibiotic, Goldenseal is used in treating prostatitis for providing relief effectively. It kills the bacteria responsible for the problem that results in pacifying and healing of the urinary tract. This action also shrinks a swollen prostate, which causes pain during semen ejaculation.

3. Tomato

Tomato is a natural cure for prostatitis that helps in strengthening of prostate glands. It contains lycopene, a substance that improves the health of gland and acts against aging efficiently.

4. Palmeto

Considered as the magical herb, Palmeto provides relief from painful urination caused by the inflammation of prostate glands. On using the palmeto dosage, it clears the urinal tract, initiating the urine stream, heals pain in pelvic and testicular regions, decreases swelling and destroys the bacteria that caused the infection. Its predominant action makes it as the regularly used remedy for prostatitis.

5. Water

Consuming a large quantity of water daily reduces the complications caused in prostate glands. It is advised to take 8-10 glasses of water that increases the urination process thereby clearing the inflamed prostate and improving its health.

6. Sesame

One of oldest natural cure for prostatitis is Sesame. Sesame seeds are soaked overnight in order to soften it. In the morning, people have to consume it by chewing the seeds that cures the inflammation of the gland effectively.

7. Vegetable Juices

Vegetable juices of carrot, spinach and beetroot play an effective role in overcoming prostatitis. Consuming carrot and spinach juice mixture helps in regulating the circulation that reduces swelling in tissues. Another mix, spinach and beetroot juice of 100 ml has to be mixed with 300 ml that helps in minimizing the effects of prostate gland inflammation.

8. Horsetail

Horsetail, which is also known as bottle brush is used in treating prostatitis related urinary issues. This natural cure for prostatitis is used as short-term treatment because its continuous exposure will cause thiamine and potassium deficiency.

9. Red Grape & Red Berry

Both the fruit contains lycopene, which is important in the proper maintenance of prostate glands. It has to be consumed at an appropriate quantity that eases the irritation on prostate instantly.

10. Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon is the natural cure for prostatitis that contains unsaturated fatty acids in it. This helps in balancing the pH level in the urinary bladder and tract that is needed for strengthening prostate.

11. Turmeric

The extract of turmeric, curcumin has a powerful anti-toxin that helps in lessening the prostate inflammation. It has to be boiled in water and the filled out decoction has to be consumed twice a day helping the prostatitis sufferer big time.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
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  • betty white

    My husband has had testicular pain for many years. He has seen six or seven doctors who all diagnosed urinary tract infection and chronic prostatitis. Doctors have been unable to help him. we have tried many natural remedies, medicine and other treatments, but none worked, last summber, he tried the herbal remedy called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill the Dr. lee sent to him, the symptoms reduced within only two months, and about three months later, he was completed cured. those of you who still have this issue should give it a try.

    • zoozoo kookoo

      Thank you for your recommendation, and I’m glad your husband is completely cured..I have the same issue with my husband who suffered from a chronic prostatitis and nothing seems to help and he’s so frustrated …Any help would be welcome…Thank you from all my heart.

      • betty white

        you can try the herbal therapy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, it can effectively treat prolonged chronic prostatitis, good luck and hope it helps your husband and lead a normal life once again .

    • Janak Dasanayaka

      Dear madam, Pl tell me were can I buy those “Anti-inflammatory Pill”. Grade help. Thanks..Kokila

      • betty white

        you can google Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and find their official website, in addition, [email protected] is Dr.lee’s email address, hope it helps

        • Janak Dasanayaka


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  • tommy delevine

    Having to deal with prostatitis for the last 15 years, I have decided to start on the Chinese prostate glands pills which a few of my friends have tried and reported some very positive results. I typically experience symptoms of sore urethra, pelvis pain, split stream, dripping, and urgency. Since starting the Kai Kit pills (green box, by Hanyang Pharmaceuticals) my symptoms have greatly reduced. I didn’t have to get up 2-3 times at night to go to the bathroom. During the day, I only had to urinate every hour to hour and a half. The pain around my stomach and pelvis has went away.