10 Yoga Asanas For Golfers

Yoga Asanas For Golfers

Golf- the synonym of class is the game of minute details. It is a sport which demands great flexibility, frequent joint motion and great mental concentration. To make a mark in this game one must not only be physically fit but also have a healthy mind. Thus in order to ensure a healthy body, exercise is a must. Presently one of the most effective and popular forms of exercise is yoga. It helps the golfers to stay away from muscular and joint pains for a longer period of time. They offer a wide array of simple yet effective exercises which help the players to maintain their physical as well as mental health. To all golfers here is a list of ten yoga exercises that will help you to improve your fitness ensuring improved performances.

Here Are The 10 Yoga Asanas For Golfers:

Revolved Crescent Lunge:

Forget about your muscular pain in hip area. Just practise revolved crescent lunge. In this form of exercise, you must first stand straight with joined foot. Now you have to lunge your right foot such that your right shin is perpendicular to the ground. After that you have to press your left leg straight balancing on the ball of the same leg. Bring your hands close to your chest, press your pumps together. Thereafter, twist your waist such that you can gradually view over your right shoulder. While doing so, you must keep your spine straight and long. Hold on to this position for few seconds and then release. Same should be repeated on the other side too.

Revolved Crescent Lunge

Sitting Half Spinal Twist:

For maintaining the balance between both sides of the body, this yoga asana plays a very significant role. In order to practise this pose one has to first sit straight on the ground. Your legs should be extended in front of you. Then slowly bend your left leg and place your foot on the ground crossing your right thigh. Place your left hand on the ground close to your back. Start inhaling and try to reach your right arm. Then exhale and twist to the left. Hold on to that position for few seconds. Repeat the same procedure either side as well.

Sitting Half Spinal Twist

Kneeling Balance:

This yoga pose will help to strengthen your inner strength, balance and coordination .To perform this pose you should at first put your knees exactly below your hip and arms below your shoulders. Keeping your back straight and naval intact, you must stretch out your left hand and simultaneously stretch out your right foot at the back and vice versa.

Kneeling Balance

Tree Pose:

This is a very important pose that golfers must practise in order to improve mental focus, breathing mechanism and coordination. In this asana, one must at first stand up straight. Now placing the weight of the body on right foot bend your left foot and place it inside the right knee. Role your hands up straight and press the pumps. Start breathing and hold on that position for at least 30 second. Repeat the procedure on the other side as well.

Tree Stand Pose

Inverted Table Pose:

This pose is a very effective measure to strengthen the posterior spine of the golfers. Also this is a very popular yoga pose practised by the golfers to improve their posture as well. Better the posture of the spine, better will be the movement which will enable the golfers to play better strokes.

Inverted Table Pose

Seated Forward Bent Pose:

This pose plays a pivotal role in strengthening the hamstrings of golfers. Stronger the hamstrings, lesser will be the muscular sprains or injuries in the hips and waist portion. This ensures the players to play better strokes hence improving their efficiency.

Seated Forward Bent Pose

Corpse Pose:

The most important pose or asana that aids the golfers to improve their concentration and mental strength is Corpse Pose. This pose also helps to relax and hence helps in preparing the strategy of the game ensuring success.

Corpse Pose

Crescent Lunge:

In order to succeed in golf, one must have a very strong hip bone and muscles. Crescent Lunge is very effective yoga pose which ensures strong hip posture and flexible waist. This enables the players to swing and play their shots very efficiently which ultimately ensures their win.

Crescent Lunge

Down Dog Pose:

This is yet another very important yoga pose for golf players. It is not difficult to perform and incurs very less time. It plays a very pivotal role in strengthening the back and waist portion of the body. Practising this pose regularly helps the golfers to avoid back injuries.

Down Dog Pose

Triangle Pose:

To become a successful golfer, it is very essential to be well aware of the space and extensions. Triangle pose aids the golfers to enhance their skill in accessing the space and its extensions. Not only that, it also helps to improve the body posture.

Triangle Pose

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