10 Essential Lifestyle Changes to Quit Smoking – Get Positive

ways to Quit Smoking

It would be very difficult for someone to stop smoking in a few days because it is an addiction which needs proper planning and full co-operation from relatives and family. If you have decided to quit this habit, you will find these tips and ideas much useful and effective in the long run.

Here are 10 Essential Lifestyle Changes to Quit Smoking:

Remove Everything Which Reminds You of Smoking

Yes, this would be hard for you but not impossible because removing things and items related to smoking can be difficult. People should immediately get rid of lighters, ashtrays and cigarettes that give a temptation to smoking.


Make a Promise or Rigid Plan to Quit Smoking

It has often been seen that making a promise to very closed one like any family member or friend makes a drastic change in this habit of smoking. Of course, you will have to make a solid plan for a month or two month to quit smoking and follow it strictly. Such a plan should include not touching any cigarette even in case of party, wedding or any kind of gathering which provokes you to smoke.

avoid smoking

Always Remain Positive

There are certain conditions which will show your decision is wrong but never give up because it will prompt you to smoke again. Solution to this problem is thinking and acting positive which boosts up your morale and inspiration to quit smoking habit.

Stick To Nicotine Replacement Theory

Since your body and taste gets addicted to cigarette, it would be better to give your buds with certain effective replacement for nicotine such as chew gums or nicotine patches. Bupropion and varenecline can really assist you in quitting this habit by reducing the urge.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Make Your Own Company with Non-smokers

Gathering with smokers will never allow you to quit the addiction hence; this will require you to befriend people who never smoke. This will never tempt you to light up thus; greatly help you in stopping the habit of smoking.

get away from smokers

Do Lot Of Physical Activity and Exercise

Physical activities and exercises can easily reduce the cravings for cigarettes because your brain will never feel an urge to smoke while walking or stretching.


Always Remember Why You Left Smoking

It may happen that you want a cigarette in future but this can be ignored if you still remember why you left this addiction. It is better to make a list of those personal reasons and promises which compelled you to stop smoking.

Get Busy In Other Productive Things

Since smoking is a habit and it will always need a cigarette; you should change your schedules to replace lighter and cigarette with pens or chew gum so that your hand and mouth remains busy. For this, there are several ways to replace your smoking habits with other things such as holding juice or drink with straw which will never remind you of smoking.

getting busy

Identify Event For Cigarette Cravings and Avoid Them

Yes, there are many people who try to smoke at specific events or gatherings. You should also identify those cravings so that you can easily avoid them. For example, you should quit visiting bar or dance stage where smoking becomes an urge. In addition to this, you should further remember that drinking and smoking increases the chance of getting mouth and lung cancer risks.

Avoid Drinks and Heavy Food Which Require Cigarette

People often try to smoke in case of any drink or heavy food such as beef, meat or pizza which must be avoided at any cost. There is no denying the fact that you should instead take plenty of water, juice and plain food stuffs which never remind you of cigarette.

smoking and drinking

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